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Monday, November 26, 2007

SKETCH speaks to you!!!

what's up people!!

just wanted to let everybody know what I have been up to lately. . . for little to no reason lol

I have written 6 of the 7 tracks for my half of a split LP I have with a gentleman by the name of SilenTuch called The Complete Collected Poems Of Maya Angelou. Of those 6 tracks, three of them were recorded and will soon be mixed by the genius called Deto 22 and one of those features cuts by Sir Cumference. As far as I could see, other folks contributing to my portion of the album will be Darian Cunning on the hook for a song tentatively called "Smiles" and Defnyshn will be producing the track that features both SilenTuch and myself. The LP is a collection of songs based on our freewriting, poetry, etc. I hope you guys will dig it.

Along with that, I am 5 tracks deep into the pre-production of Protege's upcoming solo EP. So far, the tracks are some of my favorite beats I have made in recent memory, they are going to be fucking doooooooooope.

Along with that I am about four tracks deep for Expertiz's upcoming EP. . . which will most likely feature 7 joints one of which I will be rhyming on with him. More on that as it develops. . .

Quest's currently untitled upcoming full length features two joints produced by myself as well, "The Rhythm" and "Taking Care Of Business". You may have seen him perform both of these live lately and I could honestly say he's made the tracks waaaaaayyyyy doper than they were alone. hit him up soon on myspace. . . tell him you love him or something lol

I am re-pressing Party Music For Pissed Off People and the SODA POP IS DEAD! the (soda) Popinski live album. For those that don't know (soda) Popinski was the live hip-hop band I had a few years back. The live album is the only tanglible product that will give you an idea of what my performances were like back then. I love it. . . some of the recorded versions of the tracks featured have not been released yet.

THE BIG SHOW!!!! is coming on Friday, December 7th featuring myself, The Rising Sun Quest, Expertiz, Protege, Sir Cumference, and DJ HALO!!!! You really all should witness this event. . . tell everybody who has absolutely no faith in hip-hop performances to come out. . . tell everyoone who thinks The Roots are the only act that could perform to come out. . . fuck it tell everyone to come out!!!! Dirnk specials at 9pm. . . shows at Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport. . . this will be my last big show of the year

Next year. . . Never Die Alone, my second full length LP will be released. . . that is all I am saying about it now. . . think big people

peace and love. . . everybody i'm out

Friday, November 2, 2007


the PARTY MUSIC FOR PISSED OFF PEOPLE EP is now available for digital download!!!!!!!!

click reply and copy the code and make everyone and their mother get it!!!!!

peace and love y'all!!!!


"Never has an album been as appropriately titled as Sketch Tha Cataclysm’s Party Music 4 Pissed Off People. PM4POP is exactly as advertised, socially conscious music that you can dance to. While a lot of artists have attempted to play both sides of the coin Sketch has managed to succeed where most of them have failed. Neither lyrics nor production take a backseat on PM4POP as Sketch has made sure both shine equally without letting one overtake the other at any point during the album. If you’re looking for something that will make you think and will make you shake your ass at the same time pick Party Music 4 Pissed Off People up. With songs such as “The Revolution Will Not Be…” and “Betsy Ross and the Miseducation of America,” you won’t be disappointed."-Adam Bernard

For more on Sketch Tha Cataclysm check him out at myspace.com/sketchthacataclysm.