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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh yeah....it launched.

Yes Yes. Hear ye hear ye.

The Phenetiks CD:
Revolutionary Non-Pollutionary Mechanical Wonder
is officialy out through the long awaited highly anticipated Rawkus 50.

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(Yes. I changed the album artwork at the last minute. The one they had for 7 months wasn't "big" enough)
It's on
Thankfully, they completely ignored our song order, and the songs are now conveniently listed alphabetically. (which makes the album pretty close to inside out)
Oh, and just for kicks...my two favorite tracks are misspelled. Devistation Ragga, and Epotome One, Two.

Hope you enjoy it, and make us millions. Download like crazy you little circus monkeys.

Peace. Sorry for the Sarcasm.
Phenetiks collectively opened a studio in Waterbury, CT in 2003 and are now standing strong on their 2nd LP.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Roxorloops: French Beatbox Champ

Keep Hop Hop Alive!

French Beatbox Champ: 2006