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Friday, June 29, 2007

AFA Friday Flicks: "Afro Samurai"

A good friend of mine put me up on this show called Afro Samurai. I was really surprised to see that the RZA produced the original score. Sprinkle in a little bit of Samuel L. Jackson voicing the main character & you have a very interesting cartoon ... um, I mean Anime. Anyway. Here is the trailer.

Hop Hop, violence, sword fights, blood, guts, & revenge just screams out WuTang & RZA correct? heh. Love it or hate it, I think its a good mesh of the different styles & culture. Hip Hop and 'Martial Arts'. What a combo! NPR even had a little feature on this show when it first came out.

That's it for now. Enjoy.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Footage of "Sleep Deprivation and The Artist" from Saturday evening and a quick recap

filmed by The Rising Sun Quest @ The Party Music For Pissed Off People Cd Release party last saturday evening

Here was my setlist for the evening:

1. The Editor's Note
2. Looseleaf
3. Betsy Ross
4. Rebel Music
5. Just Rhyming With P.Casso
6. Sleep Deprivation And The Artist
7. The Night I Dreamt Forever With The Moon
8. Euphoria
9. Michael Stewart
10.The Police's "Roxanne"
11.Free The Radio
12.Lost? featuring Chelsea Genzano and Sir Cumference
13.Tao Te Cataclysma accapella
14.The Revolution Will Not Be. . .

It was a really fun night. . . I had a great time rocking for everybody. Protege from Phenetiks was my right hand man for the evening. Dj Halo held me down on the turntables, and also spun the rest of the night with DJ Sir Cumference of Phenetiks.

Expertiz, D_Cyphernauts, and The Rising Sun Quest all rocked dope sets with both the Nauts and Quest performing new joints including two I produced. We also got to play new joints by Spaz the Working Class and also "Sharpie" featuring all of the Nomads (Phenetiks, Spaz, Quest, myself, and The Nauts).

An overall enjoyable evening and a great way to celebrate the release of the new EP. . .

peace and love y'all

Thursday, June 21, 2007

AFA Friday Flicks: "d_Cyphernauts Live Montage"

Recently updating their EPK (Electronic Press Kit), the d_Cyphernauts needed some video footage to complete the presentation. I had some great footage from the Hip Hop Summit and some candid shots from over the years I quickly threw together. I especially like Othello's WXCI freestyle footage and Nemesis Alpha was on point during the Hip Hop Summit. Freestyling is such a lost art. Keep supporting your fellow underground artists & d_Cyphernauts, keep on rocking.

BETSY ROSS and the miseducation of america

"Yo listen up to what I got burning
lying to our face when we're supposed to be learning
the facts that put us where we are are kicked to the curb and
i'm determined to bust a hole in their sermon
they put alot of curves in and bendable wording
flaws, straight-up lies 'fore they plated and served it
i'm 'bout to put some jewels in your turbin, and know it
word to James Loewen what i'm following is hurting
everything you're reading or read gets defeated
no more focus on accomplishments of europeans
no more fake heroes or behind the scenes demons
or when they see what others have done and just leave it
yo you heard what I said? they leave it alone
wonder how you discover land that people are on
Columbus and all of the others were evil and cold
raped and pillage the villages and killing all the innocents
mistake to call them indians they really are natives
they said that they were savages, no civilization
consider situation, statements are flagrant
wasn't for Squanto the pilgrims wouldn't have made it
and what about the others or the so-called discoverers
Columbus proving the world round was just fungus or
Balboa discovered Pacific isn't right like
we forgot the Asians living on the other side I
can't believe the lies or. . . maybe it's they based
our path in history on the path of our namesake
a liar named Amerigo, mapmaker from Italy
wrote a fabrication, fibbed his way into history
if you see what is happening then lets contract
before we expand again returning to combat
rise from your seats as if you never will come back
hit the nearest open window then say fuck that
pause just for your consideration
in case of miscommunication of the information
next lets take the flag now of our very nation
and shake it until the lies fall from its foundation
the legend goes, Washington needed a favor
wanted a new flag so he hit up the neighbor
to the state house, a seamstress, he made her his savior
she made a new flag, Betsy Ross was her name but
the whole story's a lie, i'm bringing back
'cause we don't need that hero shit just give us the facts
her grandson made it up, the government played it up
to make a hero and an attraction, and that's that son
what about the natives and the slaves among the settlers
that fought their wars for them and they never get mentioned?
That most of the founders had slaves is no mystery
the civil war wasn't 'bout slaves but farms and industry
and Lincoln didn't care about a people and their freedom
look up the Lincoln/Douglas debates and just read em
Now let me take a moment just to exorcise a demon
God ain't mentioned in the Constitution, not even believe it
then there was the Underground Railroad, see this
is where the whites helped the escaped slaves to freedom
the problem with the story is I don't fully see it
most the stops were in free states lead by freed slaves
and then there was these gangs, you don't wanna start me
the Democrats were known as the white man's party
history flipped, ripped chopped, but it's darkened
when the truth comes out there's light shining through the darkness
before I get going, depart soon, i'll bark too
that you should check my references, believe what your heart do
a Tao Te Cataclysma for the topic to start you
and march through and i'll meet you on part two"

"this is the lyrics for the last song on my new cd called Party Music For Pissed Off People. . . I have put alot of research and reference work into it. . . I hope it sparks a conversation or two. . ."

- Sketch Tha Cataclysm.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

AFA Friday Flicks: "Drop" by: The Pharcyde

In keeping with last weeks' crew, here is a simple yet dope Pharcyde video. I really dig the concept. One would think its one continuous shot, but its not. There are a few wipes and cuts. Would be amazing if this was all filmed in one take.
Nothing else ... watch and enjoy.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

AFA Friday Flicks: "1 More Hit" J Swift Documentary

Yall remember J Swift right? No? ... let me help you out.

J Swift is most known as the founder of 90s rap group The Pharcyde. He immigrated to South Central Los Angeles from Spain and changed his name from Juan Martinez to J Swift. He became a millionaire by 21, and homeless by 31.

Yes thats right ... homless and addicted to crack! My man Kano sent me a link to the above trailer for a film called 1morehit on youtube and I had to look deeper. I was speachless after seeing this.

This is shoking news to me and I'm glad that someone has decided to try to help him out. But is reality filmaking going to far? From time to time I catch myself watching the A&E reality show Intervention. But am I rooting for them? Or am I devowering the drama, thinking thankfully that I am not in their shoes? I dont know.

All I know is that I am rooting for J

For more info on the film go to http://1morehit.com/
check out the myspace i guess http://www.myspace.com/1morehit

Ok so apparently this was news in 2006. Oh well, once again ... news to me.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Politrix as Usual...

In case you haven't been following the news, former Marine Sergeant Adam Kokesh, and Iraqi War veteran is in jeopardy of having his Honorable Discharge from the Marine Corps reversed because he took part in protests while wearing a stripped down version of his uniform. Essentially the Marine Corps is attempting to silence Sgt. Kokesh's voice in an attempt to keep other veterans and voices within the active military from speaking out against President Bush's war in Iraq. I have no idea what a soldier's discharge status has to do with his civilian activity AFTER HE HAS HONORABLY SERVED OUR COUNTRY during his service in the military. The fact that he opposes the war and chooses to exercise his 1st Amendment right to free speech has NOTHING to do with his military service. Is this how we repay our veterans???

The d_Cyphernauts had the honor of performing at several events at which the anti-war group Iraq Veterans Against the War spoke compellingly and passionately about their opposition to the war. You need to hear their stories. They are brutally honest and they paint a picture of this conflict that we, in America, are unaware of.

I reprinted an update about Adam's situation from the Iraqi Veteran's Against the War's website, www.ivaw.org below. Please visit their site for more comprehensive and timely information. I also encourage you to support Adam's fight to retain his Honorable Discharge status by visiting his blog at http://kokesh.blogspot.com/.

Adam Kokesh Hearing Update:
Iraq Veterans Against the War scored a victory for free speech today in Kansas City, MO. A panel of three Marine Corps officers recommended today that Adam Kokesh receive a general discharge under honorable conditions. Adam and his attorney will, however, appeal this finding on the grounds that Adam is entitled to his full honorable discharge. In a seemingly hypocritical contradiction, the Marine Corps panel, as well as the prosecution's key witness, Major Whyte, agreed that the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) does not apply to members of the Individual Ready Reserve (IRR). Regardless of this, several other honorably discharged IVAW members are facing a similar hearing based on their stance against the war. IVAW members will continue to tell the truth about our experiences in Iraq and in the military and fight to bring our brothers and sisters home from Iraq now.

Adam, Liam and Cloy appeared on Good Morning America on Sunday, June 3rd.

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) on GMA

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Southern Cross Sundays

Whats going on people. Its been a minute since I've added my weekly post. But it seems that Southern Cross Sundays on the blog has been replace with Sunday recording sessions at the Southern Cross.
Its 10:35 right now and its the end of a very productive weekend. Just to keep you up on things, here is a quick rundown of the "goings on" in my little anthill called The Southern Cross.
I got a dope solo joint on a Spaz beat, we got Expert and DJ SirCumference with Scribe+, Expert and myself on a dope track, D_Cyphernauts making some serious noise on a Sketch production, Protoge of Phenetiks consistent over the past two weeks collaborating with overseas and out of state producers, Spaz on his own production with Dj premier... Oh wait that's Circumference?
Put it simple, the storm is brewing. Nothing but dopeness being created over the past couple weeks. Wow, now is the time to really stay in tune with the AFA. These gems will be finding their way to your ears pretty soon. Very very soon. Wack MC's BEWARE!!!

The Rising Sun Quest