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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

So whens Quest's New Album Finally droppin?

APRIL 18th!!!
Thats right people I'm finally gonna drop my 3rd release called
"Journey Towards The Sun"
I'm gonna rock a little three week tour to promote it.
Friday April 18th I'll be rocking in Danbury @ Cousin Larry's. Its our monthly Enter The Cypher Event and I'll be Celebrating the release of my release but, we'll also be having a Dj Battle that night as well so definitely Come down if you can.
The following week on the 24th I'll be hitting up NYC at a spot called The Alphabet Lounge. That night will feature acts such as myself, The Higher Concept, NYOil and More.
Closing out the Mini tour will be a release party in my hometown Waterbury, CT @ Bobby Allen's on May 2nd.

so there it is in a nutshell....April It is!! Hit me up on myspace for all things QUEST.


Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Whole Lotta Love!

What's good. peoples. It's ya boy, Othello. A combination of being super-busy and my technology phobia have kept me off the blog for a minute, but I definitely wanted to let everyone know about the 2nd ANNUAL HIP HOP SUMMIT at WESTHILL HIGH SCHOOL that happened last weekend and other AFA news. I also wanted to shout out and direct you to all the support that the AFA has been receiving lately. The Ant Farm was conceived as a movement and it is really starting to feel that way right now.

The Summit was amazing! The workshops presented by my AFA brothers were incredibly fun and interactive, but don't take my word for it, check out Adam Bernard's take on the Summit on his music blog Adam's World. Adam was a participant in the Summit, as well, sharing his expertise about hip hop and the media. The Stamford Times also covered the event with Ben Levine's article, "Hip Hop Summit: a day of learning and positive music" .

Besides the support of hip hop's journalistic corps, we also had the privilege to hear from representatives of 4 generations of hip hop. We had none other than battle champion and AFA brother in arms Breez Evahflowin to offer his thoughts to the next generation of hip hop. Breez and Indiefeed host and WORKFORCE producer Dirt E Dutch are currently tearing up the CMJ hip hop charts with their TROUBLEMAKERS album. Also at the Summit was Crooklyn Dodger CHUBB ROCK. Chubb works extensively with today's youth and he came through once again at the Summit. Representing the true school was hip hop pioneer and Westhill HS graduate TERRIBLE T. Terrible T who has been called "Connecticut's Kool Herc" by none other than Afrika BamBaata also does a lot of work with today's youth and he is living history and a link to hip hop's roots. We were blessed to have him at the Summit. Also representing was KING UPROCK, the leader of the pioneering Brooklyn b-boy and breakdancing crew DYNASTY ROCKERS. Uprock schooled the audience on Brooklyn's much overlooked role in the genesis of hip hop culture. Much like Terrible T, he is a link to the origins of hip hop culture and deserves to recognized as an icon and an innovator.

I'm grateful to everyone who came out and to everyone who put their hard work into making the Summit a huge success. Next year, we are looking to make it bigger and better. If you missed it this year, don't make the same mistake next year!

Peace to all the hip hop heads out there!