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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Sketch T.C. or the mystical journey of Gordon Lomax Esquire

"sup people. . . this is my first real AFA blog due to the fact that my computer I was using what not allow me to fondle my way through it.

So check it. . . I did the Style Factory event this past weekend at Cousin Larry's and really felt like I came off well. There was alot of new cats in the audience and I rocked right after Expertiz and two acts before Workforce, so the AntFarm held down a large percentage of the night. It was just a really really dope evening, even though I was sicker than anything.

I got to talk shit about Paula Zahn calling hip-hop "poison" and having the ignorant bastard known to the world as Yung Joc to defend hip-hop.

I don't know man. . . it was just a really really good hip-hop show overall. The Mindspray cats helddown their hosting duties well, the freestyle challenge went well, and all of us came off.

Hopefully I could carry this momentum into the show at Hillside in Waterbury this Friday night. I haven't rocked a show with Henchmen and I have dying to build with Dooley-O for a long while so it should be interesting. . .that and I haven't rocked a show in Waterbury since November, so it should be dope.

Alright peace people. . .I got to go do a re-write on the song "Betsy Ross and the miseducation of America" so I could record it and finish off the Party Music EP.

Love y'all"

So I found this picture ...

... and it got me thinking about Phenetiks.

After every big show they let the audience in on a little secret (hint, take a look at Arnold's kicks!) ...

They promise to wear Adidas till the day that they die. They are so old school like that! I wonder if Gary Coleman still rocks his? I would only hope so.
Oh well, different strokes for different folks :)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Phenetiks: Let 'em know

Phenetiks' Roc-one & JK1 the Supernova: here to let you know ...