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Saturday, September 29, 2007

The NY to Baltimore, East Coast Hip-Hop Extravaganza: Slideshow

I finally got my hands on some photos from the trip the AntFarm made to Baltimore back on Sept. 15th. The show was at a cool spot called Penguins in Baltimore, MD.

The show featured:
Sketch tha Cataclysm

With Appearances by:
Brake Fast Records
Dirt Platoon
Jade Fox
Lordz of Passion

Hosted by:
The Lyrical Leviathan

Chubb Rock & d_Cyphernauts at Connecticut Talent Explosion

Thats right, you read correctly. As we speak Chubb Rock, Othello, & Nemesis Alpha (d_Cyphernauts) are on the same stage together speaking at a panel in Stamford CT.

The Connecticut Talent Explosion is hosting a panel discussion on "Rap Music As A Positive Influence In The Community," followed by a visual and performing talent show featuring local youth.
The event culminates with a "meet and greet" and performance by Old Skool rap artist Chubb Rock. Admission is $10, with an additional $5 charge for the meet and greet and concert with Chubb Rock.
After this panel discussion, Nem & Othello then need to jet down into NYC for the 2007 AFA Hip Hop Summit at The Tank. I don't know how these 2 MC's do it. But I definitely know that the future of Hip Hop is in good hands.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It's been along time, fellas. Shoudn't a left you. I'm sorry I ain't been around. Things have been more than hectick (being a new home owner and shit). I've been so bizzy I can't remember the last time I sat down. I also regret to inform you that there is a possibility I won't make this summit. I know I got a lotta making up to do with you guys. Signing up to this blog will be my first step. I'll let you know if there are any changes.

The Second AFA Hip Hop Summit on 9/29/07 is right around the corner ...

If you are stranded on a desert island and have no clue what I'm talking about let me enlighten you a bit.

On September 29th, the one and only AFA Hip Hop Summit will be going down in NYC @ The Tank.

There will be workshops and discussion panels on Hip Hop culture and music from 3 - 6 pm in the afternoon for all ages. Then, from 6-9 we are having a huge concert featuring the AntFarm Affiliates. Admission is $10 dollars for the entire day, but $6 dollars with school I.D. (high school & college).

Here is a breakdown of the workshop blocks:
Open Letter Entertainment and the Ant Farm Affiliates present:
THE HIP-HOP SUMMIT 3 - 9 pm / All Ages / $10 ($6 w/ school ID)

Workshop Block #1: 3 - 3:30 pm
Using Independent Media
How can local, independent and emerging media help the independent hip hop artist gain exposure?
Presenters: Sketch tha Cataclysm, Dirt E. Dutch, Quixotic, Protégé

Workshop Block #2: 3:30 - 4 pm
What goes into making a great performance? How do you get prepared for the stage? Learn from the MCs who've been doing it!
Presenters: Rising Sun Quest, Hawl Digg, Roc 1, Expertiz, Choyce

Workshop Block #3: 4 - 4:30 pm
DJ'ing and Turntablism - Main Auditorium
What is the role of the DJ in hip hop? How can you get started as a DJ? What are the different types of DJs in hip hop? How has technology changed the game?
Presenters: DJ Sir.Cumference, Quixotic, Nemesis Alpha, Protege

Workshop Block #4: 4:30 - 5 pm
Lyric Writing
Jay Z doesn't need to write down his lyrics…you do. Get songwriting tips from the hottest lyricists in the Ant Farm Affiliates.
Presenters: Expertiz, Othello, Quest, Hawl Digg, Choyce

Workshop Block #5: 5 - 5:30 pm
Hip hop has always been about the rhymes AND the beats. Let these producers show you how to put together beats and record songs that are professional quality.
Presenters: Dirt E. Dutch, Deto 22, Quixotic, Sketch tha Cataclysm

DEMO DERBY: 5:00 - 5:30 pm
We will randomly select songs for an honest critique, played for everyone over the TANK's sound system, by our expert panel of producers, DJs and MCs. CDs of your music may be submitted throughout the day in the Demo Derby box located at the front of the stage.

CONCERT feat. ANTFARM AFFILIATES & Special Guests TBA: 6:00-9:00 pm

AntFarm Affiliates:
In early 2007 underground giants from the New York and Connecticut hip hop scene joined forces and created the ANT FARM AFFILIATES. Anchored by powerhouse groups Phenetiks, Workforce and d_Cyphernauts and pulling in the essential microphone soloists Sketch tha Cataclysm, the Rising Sun Quest, Spaz the Working Class, Expertiz and Cee Reed, the Ant Farm possesses the depth and talent reminiscent of the Juice Crew, Native Tongues or the early Rawkus roster. Pushing past the boundaries of commercial rap, the Ant Farm Affiliates proudly wave the flag for hip hop in the new millennium.

Charles "Choyce" Dalton fell in to Hip Hop culture at an early age as his father did DJ work in his younger days and his mother was involved in the Hip Hop culture of the mid-80's . But it wasn't until the age of twelve that he discovered his own musical ability. In 1992 Choyce moved to Rochdale Village in South Jamaica, Queens, where he became childhood friends with Mark "Maom" Mclean and Wendell "Bonito" Jordan. After years of evaluating his life and practicing his craft, he finally found the niche he was looking for and accepted hip-hop as his life, not just a hobby. The events that caused this transition make up the man now known as Choyce.

d_Cyphernauts: Othello, Nemesis Alpha and producer Quixotic
The d_Cyphernauts have been talking the talk and walking the walk since their fusion in 2000. Rising from the ashes of NSB studios in the Bronx in the summer of 2000, rappers Othello and Nemesis Alpha continue to produce music that is streetwise, vital, intelligent and revolutionary. The Bronx battle-rapper and the Staten Island social commentator have an unrivaled stage chemistry. Nemesis Alpha's fierce, straight-forward delivery is offset by the syncopated cadences and the spitfire flow of Othello's lyrical swordplay. Both MCs are also inner city schoolteachers and their commitment to uplifting the youth of the next hip hop generation is apparent in their music. As the creators of the Enter the Cypher Hip Hop Showcase and Open Mic events and the founders of the Ant Farm Affiliates, the d_Cyphernauts have established themselves as a force on the new York and Connecticut hip hop scene. The d_Cyphernauts refuse to be players in the current state of rap music, they are intent on changing the game.

Phenetiks: Roc 1, JK 1, Protégé, Deto 22, and Sir.Cumference
Started in 1994 by producer Deto-22, the Phenetiks formula has always been a simple one: dope beats with personality, and MC's who spit hungry. Although the crews roster has changed countless times, the overall vision and philosophy has not. While making some small hometown buzz, deto-22's and Brooklyn native Roc-one involved themselves in a local project, the "Clash of the Titans" with three other area artists (Quest, Spaz, JK1) in 2000. During the 9-month recording sessions, it became apparent JK is an animal when spittin' and the MC to MC relationship he had with Roc was perfect. DJ Sir.Cumference came aboard in 2004 as the official phenetiks DJ, and has since solidified himself as the "Show" when phenetiks is live. Childhood friends with Sir.Cumference, and frequent phenetiks studio visitor, Protege has seen the vision the crew had and understood it from the rip. And now it's here, the crew, the 5, phenetiks in the Rawkus 50.

Rising Sun Quest:
Rising Sun Quests reps and reflects the life of his hometown in Connecticut. He began writing in high school, performing in the lunchroom ciphers, and quickly gained respect with his punchlines that drove the crowd wild. He has two solo albums titled Stellar Evolution‚ and Surviving Life, dealing with a wide range of topics stemming from personal experience. He has graced major stages in Connecticut, New York and Massachusetts.

Sketch tha Cataclysm:
Can great Hip-Hop come from public access television? Well, if you've seen Sketch Tha Cataclysm you already know the answer is an emphatic yes. Sketch got his start hosting two public access Hip-Hop shows in his hometown of Waterbury, CT, performing what he calls, in retrospect, "terrible battle raps littered with inappropriate similes and varied other foulness for shock value." It was during that eight year period as a host, however, that he learned how to write complete songs and released an album entitled Tao Te Ching. Tao Te Ching was a collection of songs about the world told in first person and third person narratives and in a series of editorials. The name Sketch comes from his innfatuation with drawing and never finishing pictures when he was little. "Tha Cataclysm" came due to a chance encounter with a magazine, legal purposes, Jeru, and a desire to make his name become more of an artistic statement than a rap name with a subtitle. Basically, Sketch Tha Cataclysm = Design The Change. Sketch Tha Cataclysm's latest CD is entitled "Party Music 4 Pissed Off People". PM4POP is exactly as advertised, socially conscious music that you can dance to. While a lot of artists have attempted to play both sides of the coin Sketch has managed to succeed where most of them have failed. Neither lyrics nor production take a backseat in Sketch's recording or live shows. Sketch has made sure both shine equally without letting one overtake the other, creating the balance that is often lacking in hip hop today.

Workforce: Hawl Digg and Dirt E. Dutch
Workforce's first EP release is available this winter on Little Ax Media. You can trust it's a well thought out compilation of bonified bangers for true hip hop heads! Hawl Digg introduces his sharp crisp and catchy lyrics over thunderous beats produced by old-school visionary, Dirt E. Dutch. Workforce have shared stages with De La Soul, J-live, Mos Def, Slick Rick, Pharoah Monch, and the Stronghold.


Monday, September 24, 2007

Phenetiks & The Jena 6 Project: "Shotgun" Feat Asia Rainey

Phentiks is currently involved in a collaboration project called "The Jena 6 project". A bunch of spoken word artists,producers and MC's came together to produce an album for 6 young men in Jena LA who are facing life in prison and are being wrongly persecuted. Deto22 produced the track "Shotgun" (track 11) on the album featuring Asia Rainey.

All the money made off this project will be given to charity to help these young men afford proper defense attorney's. Help spread the word. Peace

Tampa Bay Artists United

Perhaps you've heard someone mention the Jena Six recently in casual conversation? On the internet, this was quickly dubbed "The White Tree" story. In a mostly white town of 3,000 in north-central Louisiana, six boys were arrested and charged with attempted murder. We later learned that a string of events highlighted by racial intimidation, institutionalized racism, and violence predated what most witnessed as a typical school fight in Jena, Louisiana. Slowly, the stench of Jim Crowe justice became more pronounced as awareness spread. Can this possibly still be a real scenario in 2007? One would have to go back to the eve of September 1, 2006 to get answers.

The climate in an already racist town hit a feverish pitch the moment the Black students at Jena High school decided to challenge segregation standards by sitting under what was historically called "The White Tree". They were rewarded for their forward thinking the following day with the horrific sight of three nooses hanging off the notorious tree. The penalty for this hate crime was a mere 3 day suspension. After an organized sit down at "The White Tree" by the Black students at the school to protest the injustice, those students were forced to disperse and told by Jena's District Attorney that he could end their "lives with the stroke of a pen". The message was clear, know your place or suffer the consequences. Several incidents would follow including one of the Jena Six getting jumped at a party and eventually being threatened by shotgun at a local convenience store. The tension would lead to an altercation between a white student, who was a good friend of one of the students responsible for the noose incident and six young black boys all under the age of 18. After provoking the Jena six with racial epitaphs, cool heads would no longer prevail. The white student would be jumped by the six in a fight that would last a couple seconds. The white student suffered a concussion and was released from the hospital after two hours. Shortly afterwards the 6 young men were arrested and eventually charged with second degree attempted murder saying that their sneakers were used as deadly weapons. Meanwhile, the stiffest punishment assigned to anyone of non-black descent was simple battery.

However, there is hope. Jena High school has cut down the infamous "White Tree" and the charges for most of the Jena Six have been reduced based on public outrage and increasing support from civil rights activists. Despite these developments, we are not content that justice has been served. These young men still face 15-20 years of prison time. We demand clemency be awarded to the Jena Six.

Like many, I remain outraged by these events. With the help of Tampa Bay's Spoken Word community dubbed "Tampa Bay Artists United" along with some local Hip Hop performers and artists from abroad, I've decided to put my words into action. The Jena Six Project is a collaborative effort with all of the proceeds going to support the Jena Six Defense Fund. It is our hope that by raising awareness about a town with a history of human rights violations (Jena Juvenile Correctional Center and torturing of New Orleans prisoners), the ability to enjoy some of the freedoms of this country can be restored to these young men.

Justice for the Jena Six!

- Daniel "Motown Pride"

Friday, September 21, 2007

AFA: Freestyle Corner

Live and direct, we present to you ...
the AFA Freestyle Corner.
Six new and unrehearsed freestyle tracks! Stay tuned for more.


The AntFarm Affiliates have a new member: Pruven!

Everyone, give it up to Pruven.
... The newest AFA MC!

Be sure to check out his myspace & stay tuned here for a bio on this latest edition to the crew.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

AFA Friday Flicks: "DJ Sara and DJ Ryusei"

Sup yall. Here is a quick fun flick from SaraScratch.

DJ Sara - 8 years old
DJ Ryusei - 5 years old

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

QUEST, New Release!!! Sooner than later it seems.

Whats good people,
Sorry I haven't been checking in lately. I hope I didn't lose any fans. I been working heavy on this new project. Its untitled at the moment but I'm really feeling good about this one. Some say Surviving Life Is a classic. I really love that album too, but what i've recorded for the new one, OMFG!!! peep the RUNDOWN below

UNTITLED (any suggestions) SIKE!!!

1)Taking care of Business produced by sketch
2)Speak produced by Deto 22
3)On and On produced by Definition featuring DJ SirCumference
4)Escape from what? produced by Maddsonn featuring SilenTuch
5)Walk With the Beat produced by JK1
6)Our Dreams produced by Spaz

Just to name a few

Those who know me know my style and when I say I'm bringing that real HIP HOP, its the truth. I'm trying to wrap up the recording by the end of September and have a finished product by mid October. What happens from there depends on feedback from fans though. I need to know if your still with me. Hit me with some feedback on my myspace page and let me know if your ready to hear some new Tracks from The Rising Sun. I'm really feeling the last couple joints I did and I cant wait to bring this one to the people!!!
I think I,ll upload some new mix tape shit I did to my myspace page in the next few days. So be on the lookout www.myspace.com/risingsunquest

One love,
The Rising Sun Quest.
But if we meet just call me Quest

Saturday, September 1, 2007

And for the shameless promotion whore in all of us.

Give your iPod what it wants...now

Do what the voices tell you

Fairfield Weekly write up on phenetiks

What up kids. Seems the AFA is on an interview/write-up frenzy. This is the write up for you homies phenetiks from the Fairfield Weekly "Best Group in CT" thing. Somehow, without being nominated, our fans fans voted us to the top, and boom.
Our favorite heavy metal group, "SMOKE", won their respected catagory of course. And Sketch's homegirl, Larissa DeLorenzo, was in there as well. Some minor facts got a little twisted by the writer...but it's because we're too futuristic for these cats...or something.




Straight out of Waterbury, the authentic and innovative hip-hop group Phenetiks is becoming a force to be reckoned with. Together for only two years, the men were life-long musicians, either as DJs or MCs, before they met through mutual friends. They mix edgy social observations and nostalgic explanations of music with catchy and experimental beats that immediately make you realize these guys are doing something completely different than what's "popular."

Deto-22, the group's producer, lays the beats down and, according to his MySpace page, Phenetiks is more than just a music group for him; it's a life-saving force.

"Phenetiks saved my life," the site reads. "I used to live in random parked cars and hustle Snickers to high school kids for drug money. I'd spend my nights with various homeless hookers playing setback and Scrabble and [I'd] eat cans of snowshoe peas." It wasn't until he haphazardly met Roc-one and JK1, both from New York, that he really tapped into his production skills. Then, after years of producing beats for local solo artists, the three men started Phenetiks with MC Protégé and DJ SirCumference.

Record label Rawkus picked them to be in their "Rawkus 50," a collection Rawkus calls "the 50 next important hip-hop artists," less than a month after Pheneticks submitted a demo to them. The label will get them a digital distribution deal along with promotional assistance and occasional shows in New York. Opportunities like this allow Phenetiks to "hardcore promote" their new album, The Revolutionary, Non-Pollutionary, Mechanical Player, along the East Coast, and each copy comes with the Rawkus seal.

Their songwriting is strictly collaborative. It starts with Deto-22's beats and then moves its way through the others in the group, sprouting lyrical legs until all the verses and hooks are nicely packaged and put together. "We call Deto-22 the creator and the originator because we can't make Phenetiks tracks without him, the Protégé says. "He has that certain sound." They bounce ideas off each other, and a song's not done until they all agree it's done.

Currently, aside from picking up as many shows as possible, they're collaborating with Smoke, this year's Best Hard Rock/Rock winner, on a live album to be recorded at shows between now and the end of 2008 and planned for an early-2009 release.

Hip-hop groups like Phenetiks show its struggle and passion to create art, not a struggle and passion to sell sneakers and over-sized hoodies. Listen to them and it's clear that if mainstream hip hop wasn't spoon-fed to the masses, nobody would eat it.